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July 11th, 2018


Desmond Thornton


John Doe

Approximate Square Footage


Approximate Year Built


Number of Bathrooms


Number of Bedrooms


Price of the Inspection




General Information

Definition of Conditions

  • AS = Appears Serviceable: The item appeared to be in working or usable condition with no major discrepancies noted.

  • HS = Highly Suggested: The item was not present/missing during the inspection and it is highly suggested to add or update to today's standards.

  • C/R = Correction Needed/Repair: The item was at or near the end of its useful lifespan. A certified professional should be contacted for further evaluation and repair.

  • S = Safety Issue: The item is considered a safety hazard and can cause harm to people or property. These items need to be repaired as soon as possible.

  • NI = Not Inspected: The item was not inspected during the inspection.

  • M = Maintenance issue for the owners of the home could be to correct or maintain.

Scope of Work



The scope of this inspection and report is limited to a visual inspection of the systems and components as listed below, in order to identify those, if any, which may need replacement or repair. See InterNACHI Standards of Practice for a detailed description of the scope of inspection. (www.nachi.org)


  • Landscaping, retaining walls, gutters, downspouts, sidewalks and driveways (both the condition and as they affect foundation drainage).
  • Roof, chimney, flashing, and valleys (for evidence of water penetration and a description of materials).
  • Siding, fascia, soffit, walls, widows, doors, foundation, attached porches, decks, balconies, patios, and garages (both structural and condition).


  • Plumbing System
    • Water supply, drains, vents, water heaters, fixtures, and locating (but not testing) shut off valves.
  • Electrical System
    • Service drop, service panel, ground wire, GFCI plugs, switches, receptacles, installed fixtures, and smoke detectors.
  • Heating/Cooling System
    • Permanent systems, operating controls, filters, ducts, insulation, vapor barrier, and ventilation.
  • Bathrooms/Kitchen/Other Rooms
    • Doors, windows, walls, floors (as to general condition), cabinets, countertops, and installed fixtures.
  • Structure
    • Ceilings, walls, floors, stairs, basements, attic, and crawl spaces (as to evidence of water damage and general condition and if readily accessible).


Any area which is not exposed to view or is inaccessible because of soil, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, lack of access or crawl spaces or any major system (water or electrical systems, heating system, or air conditioner) that is not currently functional is not included in this inspection.

The inspection does not include any destructive testing, mold testing/Inspection or dismantling. Client agrees to assume all the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. This is not a home warranty, guarantee, insurance policy, or substitute for real estate disclosures which may be required by law. Whether or not they are concealed, the following are outside the scope of the inspection:

  • Building code or zoning ordinance violations.
  • Thermostatic or time clock controls, or low voltage wiring systems.
  • Geological stability or soils conditions.
  • Water softener, water purifier, or solar heating systems.
  • Structural stability or engineering analysis.
  • Saunas, steam baths, or fixtures and equipment.
  • Building value appraisal or cost estimates.
  • Pools, spa bodies, underground piping, or sprinkler systems.
  • Radio-controlled devices, automatic gates, elevators, lifts, and dumbwaiters.
  • Furnace heat exchanger, freestanding appliances, security alarms or personal property.
  • Specific components noted as being excluded on the individual system inspection form.
  • Adequacy or efficiency of any system or component.
  • Prediction of life expectancy of any item.

The Inspector is a home inspection generalist and is not acting as an engineer or expert in any craft or trade. If the Inspector recommends consulting other specialized experts, Clients do so at Clients expense.


The written report to be prepared by the Inspector shall be considered the final and exclusive findings of the Inspector/Inspection Company regarding the home inspection at the Inspection Address. The inspection report to be prepared for the Client is solely and exclusively for the Clients own information and may not be relied upon by any other person. Client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the inspection report and agrees not to disclose any part of it to any other person with the exception of the seller and/or the real estate agents directly involved in this transaction. Client(s) or the inspector may distribute copies of the inspection report to the seller and real estate agents directly involved in this transaction, but neither the seller nor the real estate agent are intended beneficiaries of this Agreement or the inspection report. Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the Inspector/inspection Company harmless from any third party claims arising out of the Client's or Inspectors distribution of the inspection report.


Client understands and agrees that the Inspector/Inspection Company is not an insurer, that the price paid for the subject inspection and report is based solely on the service provided. Client also agrees that any claim of failure in the accuracy of the report shall be reported to the Inspector/Inspection Company within five business days of discovery and that failure to notify the inspector within that time period shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims. The Inspector/Inspection Company shall have five business days to respond to the claim. If the Inspector/Inspection Company fails to satisfy the claim, liability shall be limited to a refund of the price paid for the Inspection and Report. Inspection refund will only be honored within 45 days of the date of inspection. After the 45 days have been exhausted the client knowingly and understandably, is not at Liberty for any type of refund from the inspection company.

1 · Grounds


Grading Conditions

This site is Moderately Sloped

1.1 · Grading Conditions

Evidence indicates that the Grading of the soil near the foundation is in serviceable condition.
Appears Serviceable

1.2 · Grading Conditions

Signs of soil erosion or depressions were observed.
Highly Suggested

Driveways - Sidewalks

Sidewalk Conditions


Driveway Conditions


1.3 · Driveway Conditions

Replacement of the secondary driveway is necessary.
Highly Suggested

1.4 · Driveway Conditions

The driveway appears to be approaching the end of its useful life. Typically, concrete lasts up to 30 years, while asphalt lasts up to 20 years. However, installers say driveways may need to be replaced sooner or last longer depending on upkeep.
Highly Suggested

1.5 · Sidewalk Conditions

Loose material noted on the sidewalk.
Safety issues

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Conditions


1.6 · Retaining Wall Conditions

The existing retaining wall has been overrun by water and soil erosion. Recommend replacing the existing retaining wall.
Correction needed

2 · Exterior

Front Entrance

Front Entrance Conditions


2.1 · Front Entrance Conditions

Under the porch
Highly Suggested

Rear Entrance

Rear Entrance Conditions


2.2 · Rear Entrance Conditions

The visible and accessible areas of the porch appeared to be in serviceable condition at the time of the inspection.
Appears Serviceable

Exterior Walls

Exterior Wall Conditions


2.3 · Structure Type

Wood frame

2.4 · Exterior Wall Conditions

Chipped / Cracked siding was observed. Seal/Repair or replace if needed the siding to prevent water from entering behind the siding.
New Homeowner Maintenance

Exterior Water Faucet(s)

2.5 · Faucet Conditions

No Hose Vacuum Breakers on the Outside Hose bibb at the time of inspection.
New Homeowner Maintenance

3 · Roofing

Roof Covering

Roof Covering Condition

The roof was inspected by observing from a ladder placed at the edge of the roof.
Asphalt Composition Shingles

3.1 · Roof Covering Condition

The roof showed advanced signs of aging and deterioration. This condition can indicate imminent leakage. Replacement is recommended. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified roofing contractor. The inspector cannot offer an opinion as to whether the roof leaks today unless it is moderately raining at the time of inspection. Client should obtain full disclosure / history information from the seller prior to close.
Highly Suggested

3.2 · Roof Covering Condition

Evidence of past maintenance to the roof shingles.
General information

3.3 · Roof Covering Condition

Tree branches / leaves were close to or in contact with roof surfaces. Recommend trimming branches back to prevent potential roof damage.
Highly Suggested


3.4 · Gutter & Downspout Conditions

Clean gutters as maintenance if cleaned out many issue can arise such as foundation cracks, water in the basement/crawlspace, water damage to different areas.
Highly Suggested

3.5 · Gutter & Downspout Conditions

Recommend gutter downspouts be extended and routed away from the building atleast 4-6ft. for proper drainage. Water seepage into crawl spaces, basements and under foundations can be caused by inadequate removal of rainwater from the perimeter of the house.
Highly Suggested

3.6 · Gutter & Downspout Conditions

Sub-surface drains were observed. These drains were not tested as a part of this inspection. Condition of underground pipes or location of their termination points (if any) is not determined as part of this inspection.
Not Inspected

Attic Area

Attic Conditions

Attic Access
Car port
Type of Ventilation
Roof Vents
Gable vent

Attic Insulation Conditions

Loose Fill

3.7 · Attic Conditions

Repair or replace the mesh screen on gable vents.

3.8 · Attic Conditions

Attic videos
Highly Suggested

3.9 · Attic Conditions

Cloth wiring in the attic. Cloth wiring is the predecessor to modern plastic-coated wiring and is common in homes built before 1960. 90% of this wiring has only two wires. Today wiring has three wires or more.
Safety issues

3.10 · Attic Conditions

Client should consider some type of air flow circulation system such as continuous air vents ridge vent or even a solar / electrical fan.
Highly Suggested

3.11 · Attic Insulation Conditions

The attic has blown-in insulation. The approximate depth of the insulation is 10+ inches, which appears adequate.
Appears Serviceable

4 · Electrical

Service Drop - Weatherhead

Electrical Service Conditions

Service Wires

4.1 · Electrical Service Conditions

Appears Serviceable
Appears Serviceable

Main Electrical Panel

4.2 · Electric Panel Location

The main electric panel is located at the basement.

4.3 · Circuit Protection Type


4.4 · Main Disconnect Location

At Main Panel

4.5 · Panel Amperage Rating


4.6 · Electrical Panel Conditions

A minimal amount of labels was observed.
Safety issues

4.7 · Electrical Panel Conditions

Rust / corrosion was observed at the panel box or breakers. Recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician.
Safety issues

4.8 · Electrical Panel Conditions

The panel and some of the breakers inside the panel do not match.

4.9 · Wiring Methods

Evidence of electrical jumpers present in the panel.
General information

4.10 · Wiring Methods

Some cloth covered wire insulation was present. Although installation and usage of this wiring was typical at the time of installation, today's construction no longer uses this out dated wire insulation. Client is advised to consult with a licensed electrician for further information.
Highly Suggested

5 · HVAC

Air Condition - Cooling

AC Unit Conditions


5.1 · AC BTU Rating

2.5 Ton unit (30k) 1500sqft

5.2 · AC Unit Conditions

The A/C system was operational at time of inspection. However this is not any indication of the future of the unit(s). Client is recommended to reach out to an licensed HVAC company for bi-annual maintenance.
Appears Serviceable


Unit Conditions

Heat Pump
3 Ton unit (36k) 1800sqft

Distribution Conditions

The visible areas of the heat distribution system is ductwork with registers.

5.3 · Thermostat Condition

Appears Serviceable
Appears Serviceable

5.4 · Distribution Conditions

Evidence of condensation building up in the ductwork/register notice. This could be current or in the past. The inspector is unable to confirm this.
New Homeowner Maintenance

5.5 · Unit Conditions

Out of season. Recommend bi-annual maintenance on the HVAC system.
Not Inspected

6 · Interiors (Walls-Floor-Ceiling)

Walls - Ceilings - Floors - Electrical

Window Conditions

Double Pane
Single Hung windows

6.1 · Smoke Detectors

Change the batteries. Just so you who know when it was installed.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.2 · Wall Conditions

Evidence of repairs.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.3 · Ceiling Conditions

Peeling paint/drywall viewed.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.4 · Ceiling Conditions

Patching / spackling was observed. Client should obtain disclosure information from seller.
General information

6.5 · Floor Conditions

Original subfloor in the home. Minor was sagging felt during the inspection due to age. in the future recommend replacing when remodeling the floor area.
Highly Suggested

6.6 · Electrical (Interior & Exterior)

Three pronged outlets did not test for proper ground. For Safety add atleast (one) GFCI outlet to every room and connect all other outlets to it in the each room with improper ground. Normally this is every room. Label with (NO EQUIPMENT GROUND) on the outlets. Recommend further evaluation and repairs by a licensed electrician.
Safety issues

6.7 · Electrical (Interior & Exterior)

Some outlets were painted over. These outlets should be replaced.
Safety issues

6.8 · Electrical (Interior & Exterior)

Two prong (non-grounded) receptacles were observed. Although these were commonly used years ago, we recommend a licensed electrician upgrade to grounded three prong receptacles.
Safety issues

6.9 · Heat Source Conditions

It's recommended to vacuum your air vents annually.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.10 · Door Conditions

Additional weather stripping may be needed on the exterior doors.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.11 · Door Conditions

Add a door stop to the exterior doors.
New Homeowner Maintenance

6.12 · Door Conditions

Damaged Strom door screen.

6.13 · Window Conditions

Sample of Windows inspected were functioning properly at the time of inspection.
Appears Serviceable

6.14 · Lighting Conditions

Replace light bulbs (LED) Save $$$
General information

6.15 · Ceiling Fan Conditions

The ceiling fan(s) were operational at the time of the inspection. Mounting hardware of fans, light fixtures, and / or chandeliers was not visible or accessible for inspection.
Appears Serviceable

7 · Kitchen


7.1 · Dishwasher Conditions

The dishwasher was operational at the time of inspection.
Appears Serviceable

7.2 · Dishwasher Conditions

Dishwasher Hose is hanging in the wrong position. Should be hanging from the upper position.
Highly Suggested

7.3 · Hood Exhaust Fan Conditions

No exhaust fan was observed. Today's construction would require installation of a fan / hood.
Safety issues

7.4 · Stove - Range Type

The range is electric.

7.5 · Stove - Range Condition

The oven was in operational condition at the time of the inspection. This does not however guarantee future conditions after the time of inspection.
Appears Serviceable

Kitchen Sink - Counter tops - Cabinets

7.6 · Counter Conditions

The counter was loose. Recommend repair for increased safety.
Safety issues

7.7 · Cabinet Conditions

The kitchen cabinets appeared to be in serviceable condition at the time of inspection.
Appears Serviceable

7.8 · Sink Plumbing Conditions

The drainpipes under the sink show signs of a past leak. This may need attention.

8 · Bath(s)

Bathroom Sink

8.1 · Sink Conditions

The sink drain stopper did not operate or was missing in bath
New Homeowner Maintenance

8.2 · Sink Conditions

Loose vanity found at the time of inspection.
Safety issues

Shower - Tub - Toilet

8.3 · Shower - Tub Conditions

Window inside the shower/tub was present at the time of inspection. It suggested to remove it.
General information

Exhaust Conditions

8.4 · Bath Exhaust Fan Conditions

Vent /Vents were covered by insulation in the attic space.
Highly Suggested

9 · Laundry

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Conditions

The laundry facilities are located in the Basement.

9.1 · Laundry Room Conditions

Shorten the duct to the dryer vent.
Safety issues

10 · Garage


10.1 · Garage Type


10.2 · Garage Type

Car Port

10.3 · Garage Conditions

The railing present on the carport will not hold if a vehicle strikes it. A large and steep drop-off is behind the railing. Suggest a proper containment for vehicles.
Safety issues

10.4 · Vehicle Door Conditions

Replace the bottom rubber / weatherstripping.
New Homeowner Maintenance

10.5 · Vehicle Door Conditions

No Power. Manual Garage door.

11 · Plumbing

Water Main Line

11.1 · Main Line Material

The visible material of the main line / pipe appears to be PEX.

11.2 · Main Shutoff Location

The main valve is located at the basement.

11.3 · Main Line & Valve Conditions

Appears Serviceable
Appears Serviceable

Water Supply Lines

11.4 · Supply Line Material

The visible material used for the supply lines is galvanized.

11.5 · Supply Line Conditions

No leaks viewed at the time of inspection.
Appears Serviceable

Drain - Waste Lines

11.6 · Drain Line Material

The visible portions of the waste lines are galvanized.
Highly Suggested

11.7 · Drain Line Conditions

Galvanized piping was observed. Although this type of piping was commonly used in older homes, galvanized piping is no longer used in today's construction. Galvanized piping has a tendency to rust from the inside. This condition can reduce the water flow and pressure.
Highly Suggested

Water Heater(s)

11.8 · Water Heater Location


11.9 · Water Heater Type


11.10 · Water Heater Capacity

50 Gallon

11.11 · Water Heater Conditions

PEX is the main water supply to the water heater. Normally Copper is at least present 18in before PEX or other materials are allowed. It is suggested that a "Licensed Plumbing Contractor" be contacted for further evaluation and correct.
Safety issues

12 · Foundation - Crawl Space


Foundation/Crawlspace Conditions


Flooring Structure

Flooring Support Conditions

Columns (Steel Screw Jacks)

12.1 · Flooring Support Conditions

Pasted Moisture damage viewed.

12.2 · Flooring Support Conditions

Unprofessional / temporary repairs were observed at . Recommend further evaluation and proper repairs by a qualified contractor.
Correction needed

12.3 · Flooring Support Conditions

Evidence of wood damaging insects. Possibly a past infestation I would recommend a pest inspection to determine if it is active.
Highly Suggested

12.4 · Flooring Support Conditions

Typical of the age and style homes in this area, the sub floor framing may be undersized. Although this may have been common practice at the time of construction, today's construction would require larger size lumber. Additional support may be helpful. Client should consult a qualified framing contractor for further evaluation.
Highly Suggested

13 · Basement

Basement Conditions

13.1 · Basement Stair Conditions

Staircase is leaning to one side.
Highly Suggested

13.2 · Basement Stair Conditions

Drywall sagging over the staircase.

13.3 · Basement Stair Conditions

The stair rail was a flat piece of wood. Considering the length of the steps, recommend installation of a separate rail that is easily graspable for increased safety.
Safety issues

13.4 · Basement Conditions

Basement videos
Highly Suggested